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Buchanan of Auchmar

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Author: Bill King


Isaac Buchanan first saw Canada in 1830 as a pensive 19-year-old, dispatched to the new world by a stern older brother bent upon restoring the fortunes of a proud Scottish family.  From clerk in Montreal, Isaac rose to lead his own firms in Toronto and Hamilton where, by the late 1840s, he had become a dominant player in the Canadian wholesale trade.  But making money was never Isaac's sole concern.  Setting in Hamilton, he pursued a diverse career as businessman, writer and politician.  He also created Clairmont Park, a country estate featuring a picturesque manor house called Auchmar.

The story of this unusual man is an absorbing tale of raucous parliaments, rebellion and assassination; of Canada's first major railroad, a stunning achievement accompanied by horrific disasters and shocking corruption; of professional, personal and civic bankruptcy; of American invasions; and of the birth of a nation.

Thoroughly researched and illustrated, Buchanan of Auchmar casts a valuable spotlight on a little known yet fascinating chapter in Canada's past.

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