The Torso Murder

The Torso Murder

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Author: Brian Vallee

 The Untold Story of Evelyn Dick

The "Torso" murder trial of young, attractive Evelyn Dick grabbed headlines across Canada in 1946 and 1947.  Her husband John's head and limbs had been sawed from his body and burned up in her furnace.  After she was sentenced to hang, up-and-coming lawyer J. J. Robinette appealed her case, won her a new trial and then an acquittal.  But when police found the decayed remains of Evelyn's newborn baby encased in cement in a suitcase in her attic, the best Robinette could do for her was a manslaughter conviction and eleven years in Kingston's notorious Prison for Women.

Brian Vallee investigates the fascinating story of Hamilton's infamous Evelyn Dick, with much of the material never before published.


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Paperback: 373 pages

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