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110 Nature Hot Spots in Ontario

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Expanded and Updated! 
Authors: Chris Earley and Tracy C. Read

This updated edition is a lively, informative introduction to some of the province's best-kept secrets.  For birders, botanists, wildlife lovers, rock hounds and naturalists, it's also a fresh look at destinations that have made Ontario famous.

More than 85 per cent of Ontarians live in urban and suburban communities, most of them clustered along the shores of the Great Lakes.  City living has lots to recommend it, but for many of us, the call of the great outdoors is hard to resist.  As it turns out, nature is much closer than we think.  In 110 Nature Hot Spots in Ontario, readers discover that a short drive is often all it takes to be in the midst of forests, streams and birdsong.  Many of the destinations in this remarkable guide are on the outskirts of major cities and towns and are easy day trips.  Some are perfect weekend getaways, while others are appealing enough to plan entire holidays around.

Hike in old-growth forests, visit the shorelines of ancient seas, and see first-hand the uncommon flora and fauna that flourish in Ontario's richly diverse habitats.  From it soaring cliff tops, subterrranean caves and thundering cataracts to the province's tallest white pine, the oldest rocks on Earth and the warbler capital of North America.  Ontario is a treasure trove of natural bounty.

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