The Vilest Form of Evil: Tim Bosma’s Murder One Year Later

The Vilest Form of Evil: Tim Bosma’s Murder One Year Later

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Tim Bosma was a devoted husband and father, a churchgoing 32-year-old running his own business in Ancaster, Ont. But on May 6, 2013, he disappeared after going for a test drive with two men interested in the pick-up truck he was selling. In her new Star Dispatches ebook, “The Vilest Form of Evil: Tim Bosma’s Murder One Year Later", Hamilton Spectator reporter Molly Hayes revisits the tragic story, going back to Bosma’s happy childhood and his discovery of his soul mate, Sharlene, through a dating website. She also evokes the devastation that lingers among Bosma’s loved ones, left in a torturous limbo as they await next year’s trial of accused killers Dellen Millard and Mark Smich.


Molly Hayes is a reporter at The Hamilton Spectator. Molly, a 2012 Ryerson Journalism grad, was recently named Canada’s best young journalist and winner of the annual Goff Penny Memorial Prize for excellent work in a major daily. She is the author of the Star Dispatches ebook Penniless Millionaire: How Sharon Tirabassi Lost Her Jackpot, and Other Tales of Lottery Woe.





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