Canadian Folk

Canadian Folk

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Author: Peter Unwin


A joyous romp through the back pages of Canadian quirkiness, Canadian Folk provides a fresh look at the saints, sinners, oddballs, and outright nutbars who have populated the Canadian landscape.

They were perpetually northbound or south; they were inveterate walkers, or world-class runners, millionaires in ill-advised Citroen half-tracks.

This collection of stories provides a fascinating look at the eminent and not-so-eminent characters who came before us and left their colourful mark on Canada's history.

Peter Unwin grew up in southern Ontario and has travelled extensively in the North.  He is the author of numerous books, including the short story collection, The Rock Farmers, which was nominated for a Stephen Leacock Award.  He lives in Toronto.

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226 pages
Publisher: Dundurn Press

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