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Falling into Place

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 Author: John Terpstra

This book is what happens when on eperson becomes completely enamoured of the landscape in the city where he lives -- especially if this person, like John Terpstra, engages the world with the imagination and the curiosity of a poet.  Terpstra's investigations centre around the Iroquois Bar, a giant glacial sandbar which lies beneath one of Hamilton's busiest transportation corridors.  Combining history and geology with gumshoe work and poetic intuition, Terpstra struggles to fathom just how much the physical and social geography of the area has changed since the sandbar was formed, and the meaning of modern society's constant and often ill-considered alteration of landscape.  Terpstra's acute focus on his neighbourhood offers insights of global value that are both provocative and entertaining.


Price: $27.25 (GST included)
235 pages
Publisher: Gaspereau Press Limited

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