Flashbacks CD

Flashbacks CD

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A musical scrapbook about Hamilton with songs adapted from the hit play James Street and the award-wining ballad Private Riley featuring the RHLI military band.  All songs, written, recorded and produced by Mark McNeil.

Included with the CD is a small poster (8" x 13") with a brief history of the writer, and his inspirations for each of the songs.

Here's a preview of some songs on the CD:



  1. Newsboy
  2. Evelyn Dick
  3. Trolley Girl
  4. Rocco and Bessie
  5. Shorty Green
  6. Sunday Night in the Gore
  7. Jacko
  8. Einstein's Brain
  9. Beginnings
  10. Ghosts of Stoney Creek
  11. Ned Myers' Story
  12. Private Riley
  13. Postwar Memories
  14. James Street

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