From Queenston to Kingston

From Queenston to Kingston

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The Hidden Heritage of Lake Ontario's Shoreline
Author: Ron Brown


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Whether you hike, bike, ride the rails or drive, the shore of Lake Ontario can yield a treasure trove of heritage sites and natural beauty -- if you know where to look.

Travel with Ron Brown as he probes the shoreline of the Canadian side of Lake Ontario to discover its hidden heritage.  Explore "ghost ports", forgotten coves, historical lighthouses, rumrunning lore, and even the location of a top-secret spy camp.  The area also contains some unusual natural features, including a mysterious mountain-top lake, sand dunes, and the rare albars of Prince Edward County.

From small communities to the megacity of Toronto, history lives on in the buildings, bridges, canals, rail lines, and homes that have survived, and in the stores, both well-known and long-forgotten, of the people and places no longer here.  In From Queenston to Kingston, Ron Brown provides today's explorers with a window into Ontario's not-so-distant past and shares a hope that, in future, progress and historical preservation go hand-in-hand.

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288 pages
Publisher: Dundurn Press

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