More of Historical Dundas

More of Historical Dundas

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Author: Kerry McNamara


When Kerry McNamara wrote his first book, Historical Dundas, there was an outpouring of interest in reading about the history of the Valley Town, such interest in fact that he has now produced a second volume, More of Historical Dundas.

Like the first volume, More of Historical Dundas is based on a series of articles he wrote for the Dundas newspapers over the years, but this time, he has also written a series of new stories especially for this book which highlight other important aspects of the town's history.

Local author Kerry McNamara has a love for history, a love that translated into a series of historical articles that were published in the Dundas Review and the Dundas Star News.  Those articles form the basis for Historical Dundas, a book that brings the history of Dundas alive again, and vividly illustrates how the Dundas of yesteryear has changed through the years.


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Publisher: North Shore Publishing

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