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Shark School: Learning to Love the Ocean’s Top Predator

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Sharks are the ocean’s apex predators. And attacks on humans are increasing as we populate coastlines and encroach on their domain. Still, as Toronto Star feature writer Sandro Contenta points out in his new Star Dispatches ebook, Shark School: Learning to Love the Ocean’s Top Predator, the creature is hardly the murderous monster portrayed in the blockbuster movie Jaws. Find out what he learned by going to a shark school in the Bahamas and talking to experts about the much-maligned creature.

Sandro Contenta is a feature writer at the Toronto Star. He joined the paper in 1981 and spent nine years as a foreign correspondent, reporting from the Middle East and Europe. A former education beat reporter, Contenta is the author of the book Rituals of Failure: What Schools Really Teach. His previous Star Dispatches ebooks include Sex, Scandal and Secularism: Crisis in the Catholic Church  and  Amber Gold: Maple  Syrup Wars and a Huge Canadian Heist. 




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