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Solved ?

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More than three decades ago, pretty nursing assistant Diane Werendowicz was found facedown in a Hamilton ravine, strangled. She was two days short of her 24th birthday. Since then, steelworker Robert Badgerow has tried to prove his innocence in the face of compelling evidence. He has been tried three times, and a possible fourth trial looms. Is he the unluckiest man in the world — or a killer? Veteran Hamilton Spectator journalist Susan Clairmont has followed the case for a decade as it worked its way through the court system. In Solved: The Murder of Diane Werendowicz and the Four Trials of Robert Badgerow, she weaves together the threads of this fascinating case to offer us an insider's take on one of the most unusual criminal cases to grip Southern Ontario.

With Badgerow's recent conviction for Diane's murder, the case is officially solved.  However the case is again pending appeal.  Four trials for one murder is unprecedented in Canada.  Will there be a fifth?
Susan Clairmont is a columnist with the Hamilton Spectator who writes about justice — both the criminal and social kind. Whether covering a high profile murder trial or reporting from a catastrophe, Clairmont always keeps victims and their families at the heart of her work.

A three-time National Newspaper Award nominee, Clairmont won last year for column writing. 

In her real life, she is married with two young children who sometimes wonder why mommy hugs them so much.


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